Executive Protection Officer Training

ASP Bodyguard Miami LLC provides the best in specialist EPO training courses and has been doing so since 2009.
We’ve been organized training in different countries USA, UE, Eastern Europ, Indian Ocean, West Indies and Africa with different standards as US PSD, UK SIA, and French APR ect

Developed by ex Special Forces and Swat Operators the Executive Protection Officer course is a complete comprehensive package of skills, delivered in a diverse range of environments and in a number of realistic scenarios.
Our training is for individuals or active professionals who are looking to get more skills
Miami, Florida, provides an excellent environment for this very specialized training which allows for our students to experience, through practical projects, the challenges and risks faced by the modern Executive Protection Officers

Training to be a EPO is not easy, but the results of a successful course are well worth it !
Our course is a 8 days full-time course which covers all the requirements to enter and establish yourself in the field of VIP protection, focusing on both individual EPO and PSD team work.

We train Individuals, security practitioners, corporate security members, law enforcement, church security teams, municipal security teams, private bodyguards international clients
This courses are open to those individuals whose employment or future employment requires having skills and knowledges in the field of specialist security duties, or those who would like to work as a PSD operative.

Course Topics :
Law and regulations, Protocol
Risk assessment, route plan
CPR and First-aid 
Tactical drill, CQB, Force on force
Live Fire Training, advance shooting
Vehicle Combative, Defensive firearms
Close combat and physical interventions 
Conflict management, self defense  
Live scénarios

Our instructors are not ‘teachers’ but are, themselves, active EPO specialists with many years of in-field experience, both locally and internationally. To become the best, you need to be trained by the best.

Course Price :
8 days Executive Protection Officer training package : $2999


*All included :
Free accommodation (dormitory, kitchen, washer-dryer, TV, wifi)
Airport transportation 
Weapons and ammunitions for training 
Cars for realistic scenarios